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I'll ride wearing a helmet 我会在骑车时带头盔

The president devotes most of his time to peace.

beautifully是beautiful的副词,是拿来修饰动词和形容词的!the book is the most beautifully painted one on the shelf.这本书是架上绘画最美的一本.用beautifully来修饰painted (adj.).she danced most beautifully in the contest.她是比赛中跳舞跳得最美的.用beautifully来修饰dance (v.).

1. Please remember me to your family. 请代我问候你的家人. 2. I remember every word he said. 我记得他说过的每一个字. 3. Remember that your life had I! 记得,你的生命有过我! 4. Remember to finish your homework 记得完成作业!

This is a great waterfall.这是一个了不起的瀑布.

discover [dis'kv] vt.1. 发现,发觉,看出;找出,找到;看见或得知(原先没看见或不知道的事物):He discovered America in 1492.他于1492年发现了美洲.He discovered electricity.他发现了电.2. 意识到,认识到,认清;领悟;了解:

She discovered that they'd escaped 她发现他们已经逃跑了.In the 19th century, gold was discovered in California 19世纪时,在加利福尼亚发现了金子.

您好,很高兴能为您解答!I like flying kites in the autumn.我喜欢在秋天放风筝.I can see some people are flying kites.我能看见一些人在放风筝.

用hobbies造句:I have many hobbies, such as singing, dancing and so on.希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

quiet:英 ['kwat]美 ['kwat] n. 安静;和平 例句:I'd like a few hours of quiet after the day's work.一天工作下来我想有几小时的安静.

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