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喘go to hospitAl夛鞘

I usually go to the hospital to see a doctor. 厘将械欺匳垪肇心匳伏

today i feel not good,my brain is pain,so i go to the hospital.when i there,so much guys,amazing,i never saw that before,so i paid,and wait my number.after 3 hours,i saw the doctor finally,he said i just need take more rest and drink more hot water.ok.i

I need to go to the hospital. 厘俶勣肇匳垪.need to do stuff. 俶勣恂蝶並

There are many patient in the hospital.

We should wear the uniform to school.厘断哘乎刊丕捲欺丕.He has a cold.So he need to go to the hospital. 麿湖丹阻,咀緩麿俶勣肇匳垪.

肇蝶仇議屎鳩燕器葎go to +仇泣 :go to school ;go home(home 葎険簡to勣福待);in hospital (伏押阻)壓匳垪;in the hospital壓匳垪(垢恬吉)

XX works in the hospital,he parked his car in front of the hospital.xx壓匳垪垢恬,麿委概唯壓匳垪念中.

低挫!teenegers needs to go to school for a great future.adult have to go to work for making money.he takes bus to work.泌嗤夘諒,萩弖諒.

eg.I wear a coat and a trousers.厘刊匯周翌耗才匯訳帥徨.He must go to hospital.麿駅倬肇匳垪阻.

Go to the hospital 謹喘噐胆塀哂囂輝嶄,遇 go to hospital 謹喘哂塀哂囂輝嶄.壓哂塀哂猟戦中,宸曾宀頁嗤曝艶議. go to hospital 燕幣肇匳垪心押,遇 go to the hospital 燕幣肇心押繁賜頁凪麿匯乂音頁咀伏押遇肇匳垪議並秤.徽壓胆塀哂猟戦中曾宀議吭房凪糞頁匯劔議.徽泌惚低蒙峺蝶匯社匳垪恷挫珊頁喘go to the hospital.

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