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be of assistance be of practical use or help 有用的,有帮助的 the guide will be of assistance to development groups. 该手册对研发小组会有所帮助. come to someone's assistance act to help someone 去(或来)帮助某人 anchimeric

释义n.援助,帮助补助[英国英语]国家补助(national assistance的简称)短语:be of assistance 有好处,有用处come(或 go) to one's assistance 来(或去)支援(或帮忙)短语technical assistance 技术援助financial assistance 财政资助mutual assistance 互相帮助;互相援助legal assistance 法律救助social assistance 社会救助;社会援助


be helped up with[口]为所累(I couldn't run to catch the bus, as I was helped up with a lot of parcels. 我因为拿着许多大包?? 没法跑去赶公共汽车.)be of help to sb.对某人有帮助by the help of得到..的帮助cannot help (doing)不禁, 忍不住, 不

assistance :援助帮助,辅助设备等意思;动词是:assist ;insist:坚持;

call backTo communicate the need for (someone) to return from one situation or location to a previous one:召回:通知需要(某人)从现状或位置返回到先前的状况或位置:Management called the laid-off workers back.经理召回了被解雇的工人

help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事 help yourself to 随便吃 with the help of 在……的帮助下 with the help of /with one's help 在……的帮助下 Help Save Our Planet Society 帮助拯救我们星球的协会 help sb. with sth. help sb. do sth. 在……方面帮助……

n.援助,帮助补助[英国英语]国家补助(national assistance的简称)短语:be of assistance 有好处,有用处come(或 go) to one's assistance 来(或去)支援(或帮忙)说实话,这是来自百度百科,希望不要介意.

这里的of assistance 介词短语作表语成分.

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