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contribute to, to be an important factor in; help to cause.devote??to 1.to give up or appropriate to or concentrate on a particular pursuit, occupation, purpose, cause, etc.: to devote one's time to reading. 2.to appropriate by or as if by a vow; set apart

This idea will contribute to playing games well.

contribute to 搭配时, contribute 作不及物动词时. 一般是contribute to sth,后面一般跟名词,也可以动名词doing.

contribute:1.contribute(sth)(to/towards sth)捐献(尤指款或物)2contribute(to sth)是……的原因之一3.contribute(sth)to sth增加(到某物)4.contribute(sth)(to sth)(为报纸、杂志、电台等)撰稿,(在会议)讲话(尤指发表意见) benefit1.n.优势益处2.n.福利费3.奖金,保险金4.慈善、公益活动5.v对sb有益6.benefit(from/by sth)得益于

一、contribution的用法例句:1、捐款;捐资 valuable contributions towards the upkeep of the cathedral 对维修大教堂很重要的捐资2、贡献;促成作用 He made a very positive contribution to the success of the project.他对项目的成功贡献良多.

可以A contribute to BA是原因,B是结果

丢三落四 蓝眼睛 树有腿 用于做 导致做 致力于做 致力于做 有下来做 对做的薪水注意

1.(one的反身形式)(one作动词的主语时,oneself作动词或介词的宾语)自己;自身2.(用以强调one)亲自;自己 hurt oneself by oneself say to oneself teacher oneself enjoy oneself

你好,没有这种说法首先,to是介词,后面不可能跟do sth,可以跟doing sth其次,有以下几种用法:(1)have the contribution to sth 对有贡献,有贡献的;(2)contribute to sth 有助于.,帮助.,贡献;(3)contribute to doing sth 和第二

devote whole-heartedly to it as far as i am concerned,there is a meaning can be regarded as this one."devote our energy whole-heartedly to it"here the object is left out.

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