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eageradj.热心于, 渴望着

eager 中文是渴望, start eager是开始渴望.

eager ['i:] adj. 渴望的;热切的;热心的

even [美] [ivn] [英] [ivn] 形容词 ( more even, evener; most even, evenest)平的,平坦的,平滑的 The road wasn't even. 这条路不平. 一致的;同样的;齐的 Her teeth were white and even. 她的牙齿洁白而整齐. 对等的;均等的,相

Seager n. (Seager)人名;(英)西格


1He longs to get very big progress on English study about. (Be eager to) 2. I invite letter biography to give him (deliver) 3 by sending out an email with that. Wish that your journey is happy (journey) 4. Besides, he has subscribed to a room as early

be eager to do sth是渴望做什么的意思.这句话是说,我们对学习英语充满了渴望.也可以直译我们渴望学习英语.

All the people present that he was not telling the truth.

extremely eager, 这段英文翻译成中文的意思是: 极度渴望

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