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请向后门靠拢:please move to the back of the bus 车开了,请站稳扶好:the bus departs,please hold on the handles 前面转弯,请站稳扶好:sharp turn ahead,please hold on the handles 请给有需要的人让座:seats limited,please give priority to

把grasp;hold;guard;watchhandle;bundle;bunchused before objects with handles or things to take hold of;about;or so还可以曲线救国例如:使make、让let、用use、将take这些都可以替换希望对你有帮助

知识掌握: mastery of knowledge掌握: graspRelative explainations:<hold in hand> <be master of> <to learn by heart> <mastery> <predominate> <take the reins> <at command> <hold> <hand (hold)> <clutch> <have well in hand> <had well in


The article to change the world

如果一列x一列y和一列z,想绘制曲线图,用plot3绘制 例子 t=linspace(-5,5); x=sin(t); y=cos(t); z=t; plot3(x,y,z) 如果一列x一列y和一列z,想要绘制曲面图,用griddata或interp2插值后用mesh或surf绘制 例子 load seamount%一列x一列y一列z maxx=

handle sb.中文意思:处理某人例句The industrial tests show that the jarosite process can be used to handle the zinc calcine with high concentration of Sb by controlling the leaching rate of Sb in the neutral leaching process.扩大试验验证,控制锑在

CUP [kp] n. 杯子 v. (使)成杯形 vt. 使成杯形 词形变化: 动词过去式:cupped 过去分词:cupped 现在分词:cupping 第三人称单数:cups 例句与用法: This is an opaque cup. 这是一个不透明的杯子. This cup is made of stainless steel. 这

1.赘肉:extra meat on the bones2.腰间的赘肉:spare tire3.腰间肥肉:love handles中国人把腰上的赘肉称作“游泳圈”,老美叫做“备用胎”!

可以指定显示坐标系,比如: axes(handles.axes1); hold on; 绘图1 绘图2

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