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in tErms oF是什么意思

in terms of 词性及解释 用的话, 根据, 按照, 在方面 【法】 用话, 以措词, 按照 更多解释 相关词条 devaluation of dollar in terms of gold number of terms in a series margin of exchange rate fluctuation in terms of parity in high terms in

in terms of 就…而言,从…方面说来 He referred to your work in terms of high praise.他对你的工作大加赞扬.on/upon no terms a.决不 相当于一个副词 You can cheat on/upon no terms .在任何情况下你都不能欺骗.

in terms of 1.in the matter of;on the subject of;especially about 就而论,在方面;关于,论及;特别是*In terms of output per capita that country's agriculture is very efficient. 那个国家的农业,按人口计算的产量来说是很有效率的.*It is a small


意思是关于,依据,按照,从哪方面.1、首先,它可以表示“关于”的意思.In terms of the merger, I'm afraid I can't provide any more details at this time.至于并购的事情,我恐怕我目前不能提供更多信息了.2、其次,它还可以表示“依据


in terms of词典根据;用…的话;就…而言;以…为单位 双语例句 Basically I think he would be someone who complemented me in terms of character. 我基本上认为他是在性格上和我互补的人.

in terms of adv. 根据, 按照, 用的话, 在方面

就是 从角度/方面来讲关于Eg:He is a deligent boy ,in terms of his study.从学习方面来讲,他是一个勤奋的孩子.in term of..就……而言Eg:He chooses a job in term of money.他用赚钱的多少来选择工作.

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