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My winter holidays coming to an end, but I think I had a very full and meaningful. In the holidays, I seriously finished their homework, to help his mother do housework, rest time to look at books, play games, conducted a social practice, happily spent

My vacation I really had a meaningful vacation. I tried to finish doing my homework as soon as possible so that I could have lots of spare time. I spent three days with my grandparents and helped them do some housewokk. I also visited my old friends

My last vacation is busy is simple and happy, because it is a lot of homework vacation!Working days, every morning get up at 8 o 'clock, after breakfast, begin to do homework. After lunch at noon, sleep two hours nap, started to do homework, have

MY holiday I was busy enough! First,I had to do my homework ,It took me 3 days.But I didn't compare it because I learned a lot of things in my home work.And this holiday I was very excited. BecauseI went to Beijing !I saw zhe nest and Water meter!

my holiday I had a great time for my vacation .last weak,My family and I went to beijing,The first day ,I visited the Great Wall,how beautiful it was! the second day,I visited the Tian'anmen Square,and we went home in the evening .I really enjoyed myself

I plan to go to Hawaii for this vacation with my family !I am going for next Friday !I staying for three weeks . I heard that the weather is sunny and warm .I am going to swim in the sea and eat something Hawaii's foods .Beacurse I heard Hawaii 's food

my summer vacation after the final examination, i received a letter from my uncle and aunt who invited me to stay with them for a fortnight. they live in the countryside near a beautiful mountain. the news brought me a restless night. next morning, after

My summer vacation This summer , I had a really good time.What did I do? Let me tell you. I went to for vacation.The weather there is fine. And I visited . I had some speicial food there. They were delicious.I took a lot of photos and bought a lot of

My summer vacation My summer vacation is very interesting. I have a lot of spare time to do the things I like. I often read novels in the morning. And I often do sports with my friends in the afternoon ,though it is very hot.For example,we often play

My summer vacation When september comes,I back to school again.In the last summer vacation,I enjoyed myself. In the summer vacation,I often got up later than 7a.m.,because I had became ver

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