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1、意思上的区别 take a vacation:休假;去度假.on vacation:在度假中.2、用法上的区别 take a vacation是动词短语,表示“去度假”,强调的是动作.on vacation是介词短语,表示“在度假”,强调的是状态.3、例句 ①、take a

vacation [ve'ken] [词典释义] n. 1. 休假;假期;休庭期;休假日 2. (房屋等的)腾出,搬出 3. 辞职 vi. 度假

take a vacation = go on vacation = have a vacation 是的 还= go for a vacation 去度假的意思 【俊狼猎英】 团队为您解答,欢迎追问!

on vacation 在美语中是一个固定短语,意为“在度假中”或“去度假”,但没有in vacation和at vacation这两种说法.on vacation例句:1、The horrible accident took place when he was on a vacation trip in the Bahamas.这里的 vacation 基本上可以被视同形容词,正如 a business trip 中的 business 也是以名词当形容词使,或者也可把它们视为组合名词.2、Where would you like to go for a vacation?你喜欢去哪里度假?

go on vacation 和go on a vacation 都指“去度假”,如果vacation前面没有限定词,它们可以互换,但go on a vacation 侧重于某一次具体的度假,vacation 前可以加限定词,如: go on a beach vacation 进行一次沙滩度假 go on a nice vacation 进行一次愉快的度假/旅行

从字面上的理解 go for a vacation 和 take a vacation是还没有度假还没有开始,在plan当中 或者 已经旅行过了 再来阐述 但是前者有带目的性 go on vacation 则是正在旅行 旅行进行时

on vacation是介词短语,一般用在句子后面.vacation纯属是一个单词,既可做动词,又可做名词,而且take a vacation(n.) = vacation(v.) +介词(加什么介词视情况而定).其实很简单的,就这么点区别.eg: I want to take a vacation in canada. = I want to vacation in canada.(我想在加拿大度假.)

on holiday是一个固定搭配,翻译为在度假.on holiday:英 [n hldi] 美 [n hlde] adv.在度假 例句:I take an assortment of clothes on holiday, as a provision against the vagaries of the weather.我带了各种衣服去度假,以防天气突变

1.vacation , I and my parents went to the beach. There are many people here on vacation. Some are taking photos. Others are lying on the beach .We had great fun playing in the water. In afternoon, we

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