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语法标注解释 own英音:[un]美音:[on] 以下结果由译典通提供词典解释 形容词 a. 1.自己的 I saw the whole accident with my own eyes. 我亲眼看到这次事故的全过程. 2.特有的 及物动词 vt. [W]1.有,拥有 He owns three cars. 他有三辆汽车.

on one's own可以直接做句子的状语意思为“靠自己的力量、独自地”,与副词 作用相同与by oneself的用法是一致的,是很常用的表达法,而by one's own 中,own是个形容词,意思是“自己的”后要加名词:例如:通过自己的努力可以表示为:on one's own,或者by one's own effort

I can't carry this case on my own. It's too heavy!

on one's own shoes 在自己的鞋子上 例句:1.This has made me think of the kindness of one's own mother. 这让我想起了妈妈的善良.

独自地; 独立地; 主动地1. Pups can swim within hours of their birth but stay with their mothers for up to two years before going off on their own.幼兽能游泳在几小时里在它们的出生时,但是和它们的妈妈相处直到两年在能离开独立地以前.2. She helped her students on her own initiative.她主动地帮助自己的学生.

on one's own termsadv.根据自己的主张网络按照自己提出的条件; 按照自己的定价

是形容词性物主代词I finished my homework on my own.

own英 [n]美 [on]n.自己的事物; 自己人vt.拥有; 承认vi.承认adj.自己的; 特有的是固定搭配靠某人自己的意思

on one's own 强调独自完成某事with one's own强调是亲手做的

be on one s own 是自己的 ADJ自己的;属于自己的You use own to indicate that something belongs to a particular person or thing. My wife decided I should have my own shop 我妻子决定让我自己开店.

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