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expiration date到期日期双语对照词典结果:expiration date[英][ekspren deit][美][kspren det]n.截止日期; 产品有效期; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.It may be tough for send-a-box services to innovate so frequently that they avoid anexpiration date. “寄送礼盒型订付”服务可能很难频繁创新,从-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

Expiration Date中文释义:有效期至;到期时间;到期日;有效期;截止日期英文发音:[ekspren det]例句:Or it could establish an expiration date at which the equipment must be replaced.或者加州可以设定一个导航系统必须更换

I need you to send me E-mail frequently.用need没错.

I hope you can be happy too in the United States every day, I will always give you a message.I will send some of my photos according to you, can you send some of your pictures in the United States do to me?

hope you can enjoy yourself every day in usa, i will send the message to you frequently. i will send some of my photos to you, would you please also send some of your photos in usa to me? 望楼主采纳:-)


1) I bet that building had been totally destroyed during the air raid.2) During that period, I got my hands on whatever being written in English.3) The team drew lots to decide who is going to play.4) Normally, the prices can be brought down by either

1.We often prepare some Chinese foods and snacks. 2.We have booked a quiet room for him in this hotel. 3.Li Li teaches Mr. Green Chinese every morning. 4.Do you send E-mails to parents frequently? 5.There are quite many new words in this text.

跟or的用法一样.但意思不一样.or表示或者.nor表示“也不是”.也就是说.nor前面必须是否定表示“既不是”.整个才能构成“既不是,也不是” 所以一般用“neither…nor…”表示 既不是,也不是.

You don't often sends the mail to me, you don't often and I contact, but the occasional once, will make me so happy.

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