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We sail out in the morning我们在黎明起航As the winter turns to spring当冬去春来的时候Undestined and unknowing无法预料,也不知道Of what tomorrow brings.明天将带来什么Towards the blue horizon向海平线驶去Leaving all we have behind离


Shawty's like a melody in my head iyaz - replayThat I can't keep out Got me singin' like Na na na na everyday It's like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay (2x) Shawty(美眉)就像是我脑海中的旋律 久久挥之不去,让我每天都想要高唱Na na na

你好 Replay,来自意大利的品牌,也是一个响誉全球的世界知名休闲品牌.REPLAY服饰,主打是牛仔产品,之所以深受欢迎,是因为不论从设计理念到技术处理还是裤型的裁剪都做到精益求精,在体现时尚另类中又使人穿着倍感舒适、贴身.

04-你是我的奇迹(miracle)Life couldn't get better ( OH~YEAH YEAH)Life couldn't get better贤:我的生活陷入了沼泽地暴风雨天气(without you baby)源:可是你有改变一切魔力遇见了奇迹(baby)庚:好象新鲜氧气 我离不开你海:你在身旁

歌曲名:girlfriend歌手:wonder girlsmarie digby - girlfriendby larry cheng & kevin boulyou wear your hairlike it's your best accessoryand i don't want toever have to compete with thatand i know you'd benothing but excessively sweetand cherish me,

Replay Japanese Ver. 歌词【泰民】大家都羡慕的完美Special lady 一定会比谁都幸福【温流】无论在世界的哪个角落 也不会改变 你是我的everything 【ALL】是因为太过善良 还是太过年幼 【Key】你的态度已经告诉了我一切【ALL】and I think

此刻我很需要你Need You Now此刻我需要你Picture perfect memories记载美好回忆的照片scattered all around the floor都散落在地板上Reaching for the phone伸手去拿电话'cause I can't fight it anymore因为我再也无法抗拒 And I wonder if I ever

哥们你这句音译快要笑死我了就冲你这句音译 我也要给你翻译出来..不行我先笑会儿

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