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try onE s BEst造句

I try my best to finish my homework. The army try their best to help the people in trouble. she tried her best to hlep me with my homework.

I try my best.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:I try my best to learn English well.he tried his best to catch the bus yesterday.

do one's best 不等如 try one's best do one's best : 尽最大的努力 try one's best : 全力以赴; 竭尽全力

I will try my best to study.I will try my best to learn English.

i will try my best to learn english well.

l try my best to listen to the teacher carefully.

1. students try their best to recite the articles,in order to get a better exam results .2..you should try your best to finish you homework by yourself.3.i am trying my best to look for the answer with your problem.

i will try my best to make you happy.teachers try their best to make students konw it.

He has developed from a child into an adult.We will try one's best to improve the requirement.

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