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weekweekAHD:[wk] D.J.[wi8k]K.K.[wik]n.Abbr. w., wk.(名词)缩写 w., wk.A period of seven days:一周:一段七天的时期:a week of rain.下雨的一周A seven-day calendar period, especially one starting with Sunday and continuing through

'星期'就是'周末',用英语说:weekend 在周末就是:on the weekend (采纳我吧,我在做任务!拜托)

----- week 星期---- Monday 周一Tuesday 周二Wednesday 周三Thursday 周四Friday 周五Saturday 周六

不知道问的是哪一个 星期:week 星期日:Sunday 星期一:Monday 星期二:Tuesday 星期三:Wednesday 星期四:Thursday 星期五:Friday 星期六:Saturday

last week

用the week before last表示“上上周”或“大上周”应该比较合适,two weeks ago的意思是“两周以前”.

星期一 Monday 星期二 Tuesday 星期三 Wednesday 星期四 Thursday 星期五 Friday 星期六 Saturday 星期日 Sunday

1.Monday2.Tuesday3.Wednesday4.Thursday5.Friday6.Saturday7.Sunday上面的是一个星期七天的表达一星期 A week

My weekend I often have fun on my weekend. I often go to the library to read books on Saturday morning. After lunch,I go swimming with my friends.On Saturday night,I hold a party at home and invite many friends. On sunday morning,I always do my

觉得应该是What day is today?不过不要和What date is it?混在一起

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